• There are ion exchange membrane, PFSA ionomer dispersion and chlor-alkali equipment that are green and clean.
  • There is a piece of PFSA proton exchange membrane.
  • There are two membrane electrode assemblies with small bags.

Ion Exchange and Proton Exchange Membrane Made by Advance Casting Process

Yuanbo is dedicated efforts to provide and develop perfluorinated chlor-alakli membrane, Perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membrane, membrane electrode assembly (MEA), PFSA resin and other polymer chemical products. We have advanced casting machine to manufacture these products with different types to meet your various application scenarios.

Our service:
  • Advanced and strict production process:
    We have overcome some technology difficulties and grasp advanced production methods that is officially recognized. Such as, we produce ion exchange membrane by perfluorinated ion membrane casting machine.
  • Professional technology support and after-sale service:
    It is our pleasure to answer technical questions for you during or after purchasing the chlor-alkali membrane, PFSA proton exchange membrane, PFSA resin, etc. We also can provide installation and using tips that you need.
There are some fuel cell membranes and a fuel cell equipment.

Products properties:

Chlor-Alkali membrane:

  • Good cation conductivity.
  • High capacity of ion exchange.
  • Low Cl- permeability.
  • Good electrochemical stability.

Fuel cell membrane:

  • Good proton conductivity.
  • Low gas and water molecules permeability.
  • Good electrochemical stability.

Membrane electrode assembly:

  • Good chemical stability.
  • Excellent working performance.

PFSA ionomer dispersion:

  • Good heat resistance.
  • Chemical stability.

PFSA proton exchange membrane:

  • High proton exchange efficiency.
  • Improving the NaOH production efficiency greatly.
  • Heat and acid, alkali resistance.

PFSA ion exchange resin:

  • Excellent resistance to high temperature and corrosion.
  • Good chemical stability, mechanical strength.
Hot Products
There is a chlor-alkali perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane roll showed by our technicians.

Chlor-Alkali membrane is made by advanced technology, and it is used as the core component of chlor-alkali production equipment.

There is a piece of proton exchange membrane for fuel cell.

Fuel cell membrane has high efficiency and low operation temperature, and it is used in fuel cell stack, vanadium batteries, water electrolysis to make hydrogen.

There is a water electrolysis membrane.

PEM water electrolysis has a simple, safe and non-polluting structure, which can produce high purity hydrogen on a large scale.

A roll of anion exchange membrane on gray background.

Anion exchange membrane has stable chemical and physical properties for water treatment and purification of acid, base and salt.

Common questions:

  • What are the special advantages of perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane compared to ordinary products?
    Perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane is thin and possesses high selectivity and strength that can be used repeatedly. With unique technology, it has more stable structure and outstanding electrochemical stability.
  • What types and specifications should we choose?
    It can be ensured that every kind of product under the strict quality controlling system. We welcome you to contact us and express your requirements, and there are our professional staff on standby.
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