Product List of Ion Exchange Membrane

There is a chlor-alkali perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane roll showed by our technicians.

Chlor-Alkali membrane is made by advanced technology, and it is used as the core component of chlor-alkali production equipment.

There is a piece of proton exchange membrane for fuel cell.

Fuel cell membrane has high efficiency and low operation temperature, and it is used in fuel cell stack, vanadium batteries, water electrolysis to make hydrogen.

There is a water electrolysis membrane.

PEM water electrolysis has a simple, safe and non-polluting structure, which can produce high purity hydrogen on a large scale.

A roll of anion exchange membrane on gray background.

Anion exchange membrane has stable chemical and physical properties for water treatment and purification of acid, base and salt.

There are three fuel membrane electrode assemblies with different sizes.

The membrane electrode assembly is the core component of a fuel cell that helps produce the electrochemical reaction needed to separate electrons.

There is a PFSA proton exchange membrane roll.

The PFSA proton exchange membrane is widely used in industry caustic soda production, automobile energy solution.

There is a pile of PFSA ion exchange resin particles.

PFSA ion exchange resin possesses excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength, and it can be used for catalyst, preparation of chlor-alkali membrane.

There are three bottles of PFSA ionomer dispersion on the table.

The PFSA ionomer dispersion is widely used in industry caustic soda production, automobile energy solution.

The picture shows three units of PEM electrolysis cells installed in a cabinet for hydrogen and oxygen production.

PEM electrolyzer cell are widely used for effectively producing hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis of pure water.

Several sets of vanadium redox flow batteries in the show room

We supply a whole system of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for your industrial and commercial project to store solar and wind energy and continuous power supply