Real applications of Ion Membrane, Proton Exchange Membrane, etc.

Proton-exchange membrane is the key component of PEM fuel cell that has broad application prospects.

  • Portable power:
    Portable power is a long-lasting, portable power sources that can be used in cellular phones, military equipment, battery chargers, and underwater vehicles.
  • Backup Power:
    It provides power when the primary power source is disrupted and commonly use hydrogen, propane, natural gas and other fuel types as their fuel. As backup power, it can be widely used in  homes, utility substations, computer systems, etc.
  • Transportation Applications:
    PEM fuel cell can be used in automobiles, buses, utility vehicles, and scooters and bicycles. PEM fuel cells are lightweight and environmentally friendly, which will be the trends and popular energy products.
There is a photo about fuel cell application scenarios.