Chlor-Alkali Membrane is Beneficial to Produce High Purity Chlor-Alkali

Chlor-Alkali Membrane is also called chlor-alkali perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane. It is mainly used for 30-34% sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH) production. Our new generation chlor-alkaline membrane is fitted with sacrificial thread channels, also equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure higher current density with lower cell voltage when working. What's more, our new generation membranes have improved the durability against brine impurities a lot.

Specifications of chlor-alkali membrane:

  • Standard size: 1.35 m × 2.46 m.
  • Maximum size: 1.5 m × 2.5 m.
Test Performance of YuanBo Series Membrane
Performance Data
Current Density (kA/m2) 4.5
Cell Voltage (V) 2.9–3.0
Current Efficiency (%) ˃ 96%
kWh/tNaOH About 2100
Tensile Strength (MPa) ˃ 14
There is a picture of chlor-alkali membrane simple structure with text description.
CAM-01: Chlor-Alkali membrane simple illustration shows the basic structure of ion membrane.
There is a chlor-alkali perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane roll showed by our technicians.
PEM-02: The biggest size chlor-alkali membrane we can produce now is 1.5 m × 2.46 m, which can fit all the electrolytic cell.
There is a chlor-alkali ion membrane roll.
CAM-03: Chlor-alkali ion membrane has good cation selective infiltration performance.
There is a roll of ion membrane wrapped with plastic film and a ring soft gasket and packed in a cylindrical box.
CAM-04: Chlor-alkali ion membrane always be packaged carefully to ensure its properties.

Chlor-alkali membrane features:

  • Equipped with the most advanced technology.
  • Good cation conductivity.
  • High capacity of ion exchange.
  • Low Cl- permeability.
  • Good electrochemical stability.
  • Outstanding mechanical strength.

Chlor-alkali membrane applications:

As the core component in chlor-alkali industry.

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