PFSA Proton Exchange Membrane Has Good Acid, Alkali Resistance, Strength

The proton exchange membrane, also called PFSA membrane, is a kind of solid poly electrolyte.

The membrane's main character is only allowing the positive ion to go through. Due to this character, the membrane is widely used in PEM fuel cell production, vanadium fuel cell, chlor-alkali, chlor alkali membrane, metal recovery membrane, and also in water electrolysis for producing hydrogen, electrochemical synthesis, gas division, electrochemical sensor and so on. It serves as the solid electrolyte membrane in various kinds of electrochemical cells depending on selective conduction of the cation.

The proton exchange membrane has excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, electrochemical performance and chemical stability. The membrane can work in harsh conditions, such as strong acid, alkali, oxidant media and so on.

There is a PFSA proton exchange membrane roll.
PEM-01: We produce proton exchange fuel cell membrane, which is used in automobile energy providing industry.
There is a proton exchange membrane roll wrapped with plastic film put into a carton.
PEM-02: The proton exchange membrane roll in carton and with soft mat around it can well protect the membrane.

Specifications of PFSA proton exchange membrane:

  • Thickness: 8–50 μm.
  • Length: 50 m per roll or customized size.
  • Packing: roll is protected by a 100 μm backing film in the surface.

PFSA proton exchange membrane features and advantages:

  • Thin thickness.
  • High proton exchange efficiency.
  • Improving the NaOH production efficiency greatly.
  • Avoiding the pollution and provide clean energy.
  • Heat and acid, alkali resistance.

PFSA proton exchange membrane applications:

  • Preparation and developed of PEM fuel cell.
  • As the solid electrolyte membrane in electrochemical cells.
  • In chlor-alkali industry, electrolysis applications, electrochemical synthesis, gas division, electrochemical sensor, etc.
There is a PFSA proton exchange membrane roll.
PEM-03: PFSA proton exchange membrane can working in strong acid and alkali conditions.
There is a PFSA proton exchange membrane roll in a cylinder.
PEM-04: PFSA proton exchange membrane is supplied in roll and wrapped with plastic film and cylinder.

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