Fuel Cell Membrane Has Good Proton Conductivity and Chemical Stability

There is a piece of proton exchange membrane for fuel cell.
FCM-01: Proton exchange membrane for fuel cell has good chemical stability.

The full name for fuel cell membrane is perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membrane, which is also called perfluorinated ionomer membrane.

Perfluorosulfonic acid proton exchange membrane is a solid polymer electrolyte with excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties, electrochemical property and chemical stability, being used in strong acid, alkali, strong oxidant medium and other harsh conditions. Fuel cell membrane has extensive application prospects and is widely used in the field of fuel cell stack, vanadium batteries, water electrolysis to make hydrogen gas, electrochemical synthesis, gas separation and electrochemical sensors, etc. Also it can be used in a variety of electrochemical cells that rely on cation selective conductance as a solid electrolyte membrane.

Specifications of fuel cell membrane:

  • Thickness: 15±1 μm.
  • Length: 50 m per roll.
  • Surface: protected by a 100 μm back film, which facilitates the automated production of the membrane electrode group (MEA).
  • Supply method: supplied in rolls.
There are two proton exchange membranes sample packed with bags.
FCM-02: Proton exchange membrane samples are packed with bags.
There is a fuel cell membrane roll put on a soft mat and wrapped with plastic film.
FCM-03: Proton exchange membrane has excellent proton conductivity.

Fuel cell membrane major characteristics:

  • Good proton conductivity.
  • Low gas and water molecules permeability.
  • Good electrochemical stability.
  • Excellent dry-wet conversion performance.
  • Outstanding mechanical strength.

Fuel cell membrane applications:

  • Serve as battery parts of electric vehicles, power stations.
  • Used in the field of fuel cell stack, water electrolysis to make hydrogen, electrochemical synthesis.

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