Technology Details of Ion Exchange Membrane, PEM, etc.

Key Laboratory of Fluorinated Functional Membrane Materials

In perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane, we overcome a lot of technical difficulties that enhance our professional competence for better quality products.

Chlor-Alkali Membrane Affected Factor and Maintenance Measures

Chlor-Alkali membrane use efficiency may be affected by some factors, and we can provide some avoid measures and solutions.

Fuel Cell Membrane Commonly Used in PEM Fuel Cell

Proton exchange membrane is used in fuel cell that is a new power generation technology, such as construction electric system, electric vehicles.

Membrane Electrode Assembly Details and Types

Membrane electrode assembly includes proton exchange membrane, catalyst and electrode, and each part has excellent performance.

PFSA Proton Exchange Membrane Has Extensive Application, Good Property

PFSA proton exchange membrane has high strength and can run well under harsh conditions.

PFSA Ion Exchange Resin Possesses Heat and Corrosion Resistance

PFSA ion exchange resin resists to high temperature, corrosion, and it can be the materials of ion exchange membrane and catalyst.

PFSA Ionomer Dispersion Chemical Stability and Its Parameters

PFSA ionomer dispersion is used to prepare PEM fuel cell electrodes and in manufacturing and restoration of ion-exchange membrane.