PEM Water Electrolysis Can Operate at High-current Densities

There is a schematic diagram of PEM water electrolysis device.
PWE-01: PEM water electrolysis has a simple and safe structure.

PEM water electrolysis device can make the normal pressure water directly into the hydrogen and oxygen without other pressurization device and gas-water separation device.
PEM water electrolysis is efficient and has low energy consumption to produce high purity and non-pollution hydrogen that can be used in automotive, aerospace, power generation.

Specifications of PEM water electrolysis:

  • Thickness: 100–200 μm.
  • Packing: rolls wrapped with protective film.

PEM water electrolysis features:

  • Can be operated at high-current densities.
  • No pollution and simple device.
  • Cost-effective and low energy consumption.
  • Long service life.

PEM water electrolysis application: produce high purity hydrogen.

There is a water electrolysis membrane.
PWE-02: Proton exchange membrane water electrolysis can produce high purity hydrogen.
There is a PEM high pressure electrolyzer system.
PWE-03: PEM water electrolysis can be operated at high-current densities.
There are two PEM water electrolysis membrane rolls.
PWE-04: PEM water electrolysis membrane has high mechanical strength and is wrapped with plastic film and cylindrical box.

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