Vanadium Redox Flow Battery – Continuous & Efficient for Sustainable Energy

Several sets of vanadium redox flow batteries in the show room

Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB), also called Vanadium Flow Battery (VFB), is alternative to and is gradually replacing lead-acid battery.

VRB/VFB is an energy storage solution to ensure uninterrupted power supply no matter in combination with solar pv, wind power, biogas generator or in parallel operation.

We can supply a whole system of VRB for your projects, you can tell us your requirements and we will give a perfect solution as well as our qualified systems.

How Does VRB/VFB Work?

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) has two separate tanks, which one is containing the positive electrolyte and the other is containing negative electrolyte. Both of them consist of the element vanadium dissolved in sulphuric acid with the vanadium occurring in different oxidation states.

The batters have several cells which are separated by Ion-Exchange Membrane. In each chamber, there is a positive or a negative electrode. The two electrolytes are pumped through the cells on their side of the membranes.

The current from the solar panels, wind power or other renewable energies are fed down into the cells' electrodes, where it moves electrons from the positive to the negative elecrolyte, charging the battery as the liquid flows back into the tank. During discharging, the process is reversed.

A working line of vanadium redox flow battery.
Specifications of VFB-5kW30kWh
Nominal Voltage 48 VDC Rated Current 105 A
Nominal Power 5 kW Rated Time 6 h
Rated Power 30 kWh Rated Capacity 630 Ah
Rated Efficiency 75% Maximum Power 20 kW
Pile Weight 130 kg Pile Size 63 cm × 75 cm × 35 cm
Battery Weight 2.5 t Battery Size 2.0 m × 1.2 m × 2.0 m
Electrolyte Weight 2.2 t Electrolyte Volume 1.6 m3
Electrolyte 1.5M V(IV/III) Working Temperature -30 °C to +60 °C
Charge Voltage Limiting 60 VDC Discharge Voltage Limiting 40 VDC
Recycling Life 20,000 times Storage Life Unlimited
Note: Special requirements can be customized.
A battery cell of VRB/VFB.
Battery cells
A whole system of vanadium redox flow battery.
Whole system


  • More than 20+ years lifespan save your replace costs.
  • Immediately charge and discharge, which the transfer time is lower than 20 ms.
  • VRB is ideal used combined with renewable energy for grid connection or off-grid settings.
  • VRB/VFB can discharge 100% without any damage to the battery
  • Non-flammable
  • Energy storage guarantees uninterrupted power supply.
  • Electrical power and storage capacity can be scaled independently, which permit you get a battery that is tailored exactly to your needs.
  • High adaption and it can be used in various terrains and sites.
  • It can satisfy kilowatt to Hundred megawatts Energy storage power station.
  • It can be installed in the containers as large, portable, energy storage batteries.


  • Domestic.
  • Commercial.
  • Electric vehicles.
  • Telecommunications
  • Off-grid electric
  • Solar storage
A set of vanadium redox flow batteries are installed in the container.
In Container

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