PFSA Ion Exchange Resin Has Good Heat Resistance and Chemical Stability

There is a pile of PFSA ion exchange resin particles.
IER-01: PFSA ion exchange resin can be used for the preparation of chlor-alkali membrane, fuel cell.

PFSA ion exchange resin is a bead-form, strongly acidic resin developed for heterogeneous acid catalysis of a wide variety of organic reactions. It is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoro-3, 6-dioxa-4-methyl-7-octene sulfonyl fluoride, converted to the proton (H+) form, with a chemical structure shown below:

chemical formula

The maximum use temperature is 200 °C, and local exhaust ventilation should be used for operations above 150 °C in open systems.

PFSA ion exchange resin applications:

  • Used for ion exchange membrane and fuel cell membrane production, super acid catalyst, super stable ion exchange preparation.
  • Serve in chlor-alkali industry, fuel cell, electrolysis device, sewage treatment device.

Packaging, transport and storage:

  • The resin should be packaged in two-layer plastic bag, and then loaded in hard drum. Each drum has net weight of 20 kg, label, certificate of approval, mark, trademark and batch number.
  • The resin should be stored in a clean and dry warehouse to prevent mixing of impurities like dust and moisture.
  • The resin transported according to non-dangerous goods, and should avoid heat, damp, freezing or strenuous vibration during transport.
  • PFSA superacid resin is available in 1, 2, 5 and 10 kg packages, with a minimum 1 kg order quantity. Contact customer service for availability of larger quantities.

PFSA ion exchange resin features:

  • Excellent resistance to high temperature and corrosion.
  • Good chemical stability, mechanical strength.

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