Technical Research and Exchange of Domestic Ion-exchange Membrane

There is a photo of academic conference about fluorinated functional membrane materials.
The academic conference of fluorinated functional membrane materials enhances our professional competence in fluorinated ion membrane.

In 2017, our company hosted expert seminar of domestic perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane that praised the contributions of YuanBo about research and production of domestic perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane. Research and discussion of experts gave many achlor-alkali industry staff a clearing understanding that promotes product promotion and development.

In the synthesis of fluorine-containing small molecule compound, a fluorine-containing polymer, our key laboratory of fluorinated functional membrane materials designed to carry out cutting-edge research and strategic polymerization to prepare a fluorine-containing membrane material as well as evaluating the application of a fluorine-containing membrane material and relevant research on common technology application technology and industry theory and technology research and development and other engineering equipment. Combined with the companies and universities and using the basic research and industrialization of scientific research achievements, we can solve the key technical problems of fluorine-containing functional film materials to improve independent innovation capability and special polymer materials field core competencies and meet the country's major strategic tasks and urgent needs of technological progress. As well as it will be a major breakthrough in industrial restructuring and development of key industries in the common key technology bottlenecks, promoting China's fluorine materials industry by leaps and bounds, and sustainable development.

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