Proton Exchange Membrane Used for Fuel Cell Membrane of Power Generator

A proton exchange membrane is a core component of proton exchange membrane fuel cell. It is a semipermeable membrane generally made from ionomers and designed to conduct protons while acting as an electronic insulator and reactant barrier.

Fuel cell membrane can be made from either pure polymer membranes or from composite membranes where other materials are embedded in a polymer matrix.

Proton exchange membrane fuel cells is its important function, which use a solid polymer membrane (a thin plastic film) as the electrolyte. This polymer is permeable to protons when it is saturated with water, but it does not conduct electrons.

The proton exchange membrane fuel cell has the advantages of low working temperature, fast start, high specific power, simple structure and convenient operation. It is recognized as the preferred energy of electric vehicle and power station.Within the fuel cell, the proton exchange membrane provides a channel for the migration and transport of protons, so that the protons pass through the membrane from the anode to the cathode, and the electron transfer from the external circuit constitutes a loop to provide current to the outside, so the performance of the proton exchange membrane plays a very important role in the application of fuel cell.

Advantages of fuel cell membrane:

  • High proton conductivity.
  • High current density in low temperature condition.
  • High conductivity in strong humidity.
  • Excellent mechanical strength.

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell has broad application prospects:

  • It has made progress in automotive power device.
  • Made into proton exchange membrane fuel cell mobile power.
  • The use of proton exchange membrane fuel cell hydrogen power generation will greatly improve the power supply reliability of important equipment and construction electrical systems, which can made the power supply model of standby centralized diesel power station and municipal electric power change into the power supply system that municipal electric power in parallel to the proton exchange membrane fuel cell, solar energy and wind power generation, improving the degree of intelligent, energy efficiency and environmental benefits about large buildings.

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