PFSA Proton Exchange Membrane Has Heat Resistance and Chemical Stability

There is a piece of PFSA proton exchange membrane.

PFSA proton exchange membrane is a kind of solid poly electrolyte with good properties. It can run well in acid, alkali, strong oxidant media and high temperature conditions. What's more, it possesses excellent conductivity, chemical stability and mechanical strength.
With outstanding comprehensive performance, PFSA proton exchange membrane has a wide range of applications.

Classification and application:
The proton exchange membrane can be classified into the following four kinds basing on the variety of thickness and specific application.

  • Fuel cell membrane
    The fuel cell membrane is commonly used in fuel cell stack. It can transform the chemical energy to electrical energy during the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. It is opposed to the direct hydrogen and oxygen gas combustion to produce thermal energy.
  • Chlor alkali membrane
    The chlor alkali membrane is used for 34% concentration NaOH production. Our membrane is equipped with the most advanced technology and it works under higher current density with lower cell voltage. The durability against brine impurities is improved greatly.

The biggest size we can produce now is 1.5 m width and 2.46 m length, which can fit all the electrolytic cell.

  • Metal recovery membrane
    The metal recovery membrane is usually used in metal collection.
  • Vanadium fuel cell membrane
    Vanadium fuel cell membrane, also called VRB membrane, is mainly used in the vanadium fuel cell and water-electrolysis for making hydrogen gas.

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